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 HITKRANK intervista...+ TOTAL ROCK(video)

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MessaggioTitolo: HITKRANK intervista...+ TOTAL ROCK(video)   Gio 5 Nov 2009 - 1:39

A interview in Hitkrant, a dutch pop-magazine:

Shudder with Sharon from Within Temptation
Within Temptation is known as a gothic band. And while they are still not agreeing to that, the image fits well in this Halloween week. We checked the content of horror in singer Sharon

Do you have something with Halloween?

That is really American, though it increasingly in the Netherlands, isn’t it? I find it very nice, it has something cozy. In our street children also come along with lanterns. Screaming "trick or treat" and then retrieve candy of course

Well, nice. Halloween has to be scary, don’t you think? Have you been to a Halloween party?

No, but we do have once stood on a Halloween show in Germany. Then there were skulls and pumpkins on the keyboards and between the drums. Before me there was a half skeleton with a gravestone above. But we are no gothics yet, haha

If you are going, how do you dress?

There is some cartoon character called Bad Alice. Such angry doll with black hair, that would be funny.

You are still seen as "gothic band". That means Halloween is still fits you?

Well, I have nothing to do with death, that is the big difference I think. I like cinematic and theatrical things, but we are definitely not focused on lurid. Therefore we find ourselves not gothic.

Are you afraid of something?

No, not at all. But spiders should not be too large. A while ago we had a big one in our house, that Robert did not dare to tackle. I have laughed at him when it happened, haha. But I'm also not afraid of anything.

So you went in the haunted house just laughing?

Yeah! That was very nice. Oh wait, there is something I fear: Clowns. I have never liked them. I think Bassie (a dutch clown) is really scary!

questa non l'avevo postata...povero robert lol!

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HITKRANK intervista...+ TOTAL ROCK(video)
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