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MessaggioTitolo: STORMBRINGER interview   Mar 10 Nov 2009 - 23:41

:: Within Temptation

Sharon Den Adel (02 November 2009):
Since we want to release an acoustic album that comes very close to the original songs, the work was not easy, but you even hear what's come out
WITHIN TEMPTATION frontwoman and mother of two Sharon Den Adel talking with us for a drive towards the airport via the new WT album 'An Acoustic Night At The Theater'

Interview by DarkGrisu
Interview ...

Hello Sharon, thank you that you have the enommen Zeitg to us and answer a few questions for all the fans at home.

Thanks yes I am happy to give you an interview. Sorry for the loud noises, but I'm back in the car to the airport.

First I want to congratulate you personally on the birth of your son Aiden Robin Westerhold. I would like to know how are you going home, especially Eva Luna, she is somewhat jealous of her little brother because it is no longer the sole number 1?

No, thank you Eva Luna was not a little bit jealous of her brother, because we had them involved from the outset, she was very happy for him. She tries to help me something, but with 2 children in the household, the job a bit more strenuous.

The family name of Robin is Wetsterhold. So, may I ask you, who married you and Robert and we have fans know anything?

No, no, we are not yet married. I still do not wear a ring here. You'll hear it when the time comes. * hearty laugh

Did you ever have an idea how the Touring with 2 children will be?

Yes, we have already given some thought about it, yes, but at the moment it is not ready yet. We were with Eva Luna on tour so we have the experience.

Regarding touring, for the spring of 2010 you have a theater tour planned. Can we expect you with this tour in Austria and Germany?

Um ... wow, is it ok for a band like us do not normally play such a big theatrical tour. It is quite difficult, so a big show about a place (theater) get to the other, especially in other countries. You need this much equipment and the whole team has to work differently than a normal concert. But let's see, maybe we will go later with the acoustic album on tour.

If you think of the summer of 2010, you can be on one or the other festival meet and listen to your music?

I'm not sure if this will be enough time. Our highest priority is to write on our new album and publish it. If we was going to play a theater tour and some festivals, then again, we lack the time for the album, because we need a lot of time on tour or at festivals to play.

From whom did you get the inspiration for de new song from "Utopia"?

Ok, this song I wrote with Daniel, he is a friend of ours. It was very funny, especially since it was the first time and at the end of the day the song Utopia came out. We thought we could use the song as an intro song, but later when Robert heard him, he said that it would be a perfect invitation. A little bit of rhythm and melancholy about this change and has finished the whole thing.

I imagine the song is really very fitting for the album, specifically because it is an acoustic album and the song from the bottom up is an acoustic song. The song would also fit into our new album which will go into a new direction. We try very much out. A few months ago, we met Chris Jones, and we agreed that it fits perfectly for this song as my duet partner.

When I heard this song, I thought he had catchy quality, so for the radio, as you see that Sharon?

Yes, I see it that way. The song Utopia has played a good chance to be on the radio. Let us by surprise. Thanks for the positive feedback.

Your new live CD "An Acoustic Night At The Theater" came out in October. First I want to congratulate you on this album, it has become really good. So my question, who has transcribed all the songs to it?

Thanks, I'll give that to Robert, since he rewrote all the songs for the acoustic CD, and as I said, the new song added Daniel, Robert and I wrote together.

Ok, since some songs are very atypical in the intro for you. When I heard the odd song, I thought, what, no, is not the WT, eg at Stand My Ground.

Yes it is a fact that there is a lot of fun making this album re-create and re-write the songs. Since we want to release an acoustic album that comes very close to the original songs, the work was not easy, but you even hear what's out come. The songs you can see forever. We hope that even those people will hear our new album, which only tend to listen to classical music, that would be very nice.

You're in the process of new material for a new CD write. Your fans can not wait. So you can already tell us something about this? As the style will be? Like "Mother Earth", or "Black Symphony" or are you going back to ancient times and the songs back harder? Here are long ballads as well as catchy songs to be found?

At the moment I can tell you this not so much to say because we're at it, the song writing and we will try many different things. Every song is something very special and distinct, and when we're done, we will certainly change again very much. We have so far only a few songs, but very many ideas. Let us surprise you, like us, as will be the end of the album.

If you think back, what was your best concert which you have experienced?

This was clearly Black Symphony because I think that was the best for Within Temptation, what we had until now. All of the guest singers, the whole orchestra, which was great. The great hall and the many many fans who've been there. I think that was really unique. I think that was really the best show we've ever had. But the theater shows are also good as we can give back some of what we did at Black Symphony.

What are your future plans?

The first priority is our new album. Then the troupe in the spring and am writing the new material for the next album. Then I'll have a small own solo performance, at a show in from Belgium, Netherlands and Germany, with some original songs. So I have about 24 shows in the near future before me.

Now a personal question, what do you think of tattoos? Especially to the fans of the band logo tattoo or similar signs? How do you see?

As a band we always feel honored when fans have something of the band. I think tattoos are very extreme, because you have the tattoo for a lifetime but as long as a band is rarely exist. Even I would give me none, but I think it's great that there are people who do that. Really respectful.

Would you like to give us some more on the way?

Uh, wow, OK, first I want to say thank you that you hear our music and ourselves to support and give us feedback. Therefore, I am pleased if you buy our new album and it aufnehmt just like the others. Have a little patience with the new album and we will meet again in any case in Austria.

Thanks for the interview and a good trip.

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MessaggioTitolo: Re: STORMBRINGER interview   Mer 11 Nov 2009 - 13:32

Bhe nulla che non sia giÓ stato detto...

Grazie Ste comunque per i continui aggiornamenti wink

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MessaggioTitolo: Re: STORMBRINGER interview   Ven 13 Nov 2009 - 13:18

questa intervista l avrebbe potuta inventare chiunque di noi in 10 minuti

cmq sempre promozione e
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: STORMBRINGER interview   Dom 15 Nov 2009 - 15:26

sempre la stessa pu˛ avere un piccolo riassunto in italiano??
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: STORMBRINGER interview   

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