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 VERONICA MAGAZINE intervista,2009

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MessaggioTitolo: VERONICA MAGAZINE intervista,2009   Gio 19 Nov 2009 - 1:48

Interview in the Veronica Magazine; A Dutch Tv Guide.

Sharon den Adel (35) is the beautiful front woman of Within Temptation. that her flawless voice is beautiful in just about all genres, is good to hear on the new live album An Acoustic Night At The Theater, a beautiful recording of the theatre tour of the band last year.

Acoustic or electric?
That’s no choice for me, mainly because I think the combination is very nice. As a singer I think it is a relief to play acoustic now. It is very pure and sometimes I miss that. The numbers are certainly a surprise for the fans, but hopefully also for non-fans.

Baby boys or baby girl?
If baby is not much difference. Her character comes later. I do believe that whit Luna you really could see immediately that it was a girl and Aiden is a real boy

What surprise may the fans expect from you?
For me personally, I'm now working on Night Of The Proms, so I do 22 shows in Netherlands and Belgium. An acoustic show next year and we are working on a new album! So we are again looking for a different sound.

Who is your idol?
In every life you have another hero. For me is that my grandmother. She taught me a lot when I was teenager and it was not much fun at home. She was always very understanding. And people who support you if you are feeling down, are my heroes. Very often they are people who you had not expected.

What is your greatest sin?
Currently sushi, haha. Yes, you can also eat to much of it, believe me. And goat cheese and red wine.

When was the last time you had a ticket?
It had been a while, but this week I received another one. I was talking in the car, So I just not paying attention. But Robert has the most tickets, though he thinks that he can drive very well ...

What age would you like to live?
I earlier wanted to be in the 90s. Then I had to go to a Nirvana concert. That seems such an experience: a band that floats on emotion.

What is your favorite household chore?
vacuuming and mopping. I like it and then think about things.

How much money you spent on your appearance?
For some reasonable action, a make-up artist is expensive. At home I’m quickly finished with mascara. In terms of clothing I am a shopaholic. I have had a dress custom-made for Euro 2500, but that was for the band.

What is your favorite dirty word?
I have more. but I must be careful, because my daughter is listening. And when I say'chips', she says: Mom, you should not say chips! Too smart.

Where you feel ashamed of?
Robert has the habit of pulling everything together for clothing. Most of the times it looks nice, but when he dresses Luna, we are a circus family sometimes with all those different colors...

What would you do with one million?
Then I go to the Seychelles. Been there when I was a child, truly a paradise.

What is the worst thing you've ever heard when someone tried to fancy you?
Something like: I know you from somewhere? Of course you know me from somewhere.

What is your biggest wish?
World peace of course, haha. Nice, but unrealistic. I would like to have a less consumption-oriented society

What if you only have one day to live?
Sounds silly, but I've already done a lot in my life. I want that day in a beautiful place to spend with my family.

Ringrazio il x la traduzione..prima o poi imparero' l'olandese lol!

tralasciando poi su sharon quando parcheggia la macchina... Razz

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MessaggioTitolo: Re: VERONICA MAGAZINE intervista,2009   Gio 19 Nov 2009 - 20:05

Thanks Ste wink

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VERONICA MAGAZINE intervista,2009
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