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MessaggioTitolo: HITPARADE.CH intevista   Gio 26 Nov 2009 - 17:30

...MIIIIIIIII!!!!!!! non ci posso credeeeeeeeeere..
stavo traducendo l'intervista dal tedesco ..quando ho visto che in c'er la versione in inglese lol!

si ringrazia il TSF e nightfalls!

Actually, the new acoustic album by Within Temptation should not have even get into the charts. Now, however, has become a bigger thing. We met Sharon and told the reasons for this and much more. Even before the band set up in 1996 were you romantically involved with your partner privately Robert. What is the impact it has on the band's life, if the spouse is also member of the band?
Sharon: That is a question that I had not expected. Of course there is some kind of influence on the band members, because there is a dual relationship. We walk together on tour, and the rest of the band did not really notice that we are also partners. We formed the band together, and each has his own role and influenced the music in his own way People do not really notice it that we are the couple in the band. Did you ever worry that a separation could mean one of you, the end of the band?
Sharon: No, I do not think so. I think that we are mature enough to find a way to work together. We are not only partners but also friends. Of course there will still be difficult. You can not really say how things would develop. Since December 2005 you are parents of a daughter, in 2009, you brought your son into the world. Has changed your life in terms of music career since then?
Sharon: No, not really. We have not written any lullabies, and that has not changed. We still make music that we have previously made. On the other side has, of course, the tours last a little bit. It is sometimes difficult to tour with a child. Sometimes one simply needs to stay at home. Robert had to stay home a few times, because we have found no one who keeps an eye on our child. But on the whole, everything went well. Has there ever been to stop the thoughts, and wanting to devote himself entirely to the family?
Sharon: No! We try to combine the best of both worlds. This has worked in the past, and I think it will go well for the future. What is actually run your breakthrough? The album "Mother Earth" was indeed recorded in 2000 in central Europe until mid-2003, however, you are commercially made its appearance ...
Sharon: It was not until 2003 was released the album outside of Holland and Belgium. This re-release has been combined with a European tour. I think that the album was not only discovered earlier because there was no promotion for it. We made the first right promotion for this album. The success we had in Holland and Belgium, seemed to reach the other countries, and everyone was excited about it. your commercial success in Holland is much greater than in other countries. Lies mainly in your home, or do you think that the Dutchman is generally more towards your music?
Sharon: We are at the top of the charts in Finland and the Scandinavian countries. Even in Switzerland we have very great success with the albums and singles. We probably have greater success in the homeland, because we play there more often and are represented in the media than here. Which song of the past is your / your personal favorite?
Sharon: Caged. And what song is the live audience at the most?
Sharon: I think that the "Ice Queen" is most popular because people can jump to it. Of course everyone has their own favorites, but I think that is the most expressive song "Ice Queen", because people like to go and show themselves happy. Last year you have mixed with the recording of the album "Black Symphony" classical music with metal. As the background was this?
Sharon: That was a very expensive thing for us, but it was like a dream come true that we could do it in such a nice way. Da gabs a great show, I think we have had the ultimate show. In this classic album you have a tour in Eastern Europe, Russia and South America made. Is there any difference if there occurs?
Sharon: Yes. The people are so culturally different. For example, Russia: It is a cultural difference so great that one has the feeling of being in another world. The fans are less spoiled than in other countries, because not all bands play there. They're really happy if you go there. This gives a special atmosphere when you play there. It motivates an addition, if you play in a country where people are especially enthusiastic. When we play in Amsterdam, we sometimes have the feeling that people are accustomed to it, that so many bands. They're just a bit spoiled and think: "Oh, show me what you have and if I like it, then I might clap for you." It is a bit of an attitude thing. In other countries, Russia and Eastern European countries, we the people are grateful that you were coming. Your latest album is another studio album. What motivated you to make an acoustic album?
Sharon: This live acoustic album, which we have just published, is just suddenly appeared. This album is the complete opposite of "Black Symphony", where everything was great with the orchestra and stuff. We have received the opportunity to play in the theater because the theater in Holland and Belgium coming toward us. They wanted to attract a different audience to the theater, because they saw that their audience is getting older and older. So they had requested in recent years, bands to play there to attract a younger audience. For a band, it's interesting because you can show off another side. There are bands like us, who are known for louder sounds, and change the arrangements for the songs have changed and also the visual show. That was a great challenge and a refreshing thing. It has surprised our fans that it still sounded so good. Some people were skeptical at first, because they thought that we are that typical bombastic band is not easy to play acoustic songs. Then they heard the album and about 99% have been quite nice reviews, people like that really. The songs are still strong without the big bombastic sound and atmospheric. The old fans like this new album. You know, if her new fans have mentioned that?
Sharon: I do not know, but if it is still a bit familiar, there will be some new, perhaps even give a little older fans. Perhaps people who normally would not hear Within Temptation like this album more than a regular album. But I do not know whether we have reached these people already, because the reviews seem only now. We have noticed that the fans really like, but there may be new people? This is something that we'll see. When the media to reach people, then yes, maybe. You're just entered the charts in Europe with "An Acoustic Night At The Theater". Are you pleased with the chart positions?
Sharon: It depends. It is a mixed feeling, because we see this as Zwischenalbum. Something that would not attract so much attention to, because we simply wanted to release it without a lot of promotion in order to work on our next album. We thought it would simply be a fan thing. But the record company said, "This is really good. We want to make their promotion". I am now already employs one months was to go on promotion. That was the beginning not at all my intention. People see that perhaps as serious release. It's a real release, of course, but for us it was more a halfway house. It was now just right for a release. The funny thing is, like that both the fans and the media. And yes, we are proud that we are doing so well, but we have not even thought that it comes in the charts. Have you been more specific ideas for albums?
Sharon: Not really, no. The next album will be something totally different, really different! I think that people will be shocked a little. We feel that we need to make some changes with the band, because we are ready for a new step. We are willing to accept new things to be tackled: We will change our sound a little bit and go a little back-to-the-Roots. No droning voices, I do not think it ever comes back. It is a bit early 90s, late 80s sound in his new robe, modern sounding, but still a bit going back into the past. A little inspiration from the big bands of the time like The Cure or Nine Inch Nails. It is more or less a totally new direction for Within Temptation. Will the collaboration with the Metropole Orchestra and this acoustic album have any influence on the new album?
Sharon: No, not at all. As I said, we want to really find a new sound, and Within Temptation define again new. You're on tour in Holland and Belgium, there is also what is planned in the German speaking countries?
Sharon: At the moment no, I'm sorry. We want to focus on the new album and publish it as soon as possible. There must be a great album, otherwise it will not be published. We really want to make a new step, and that means that what one really needs to bring out great things. Until we are not sure that it is really good, we will not release. We hope that we have next year at this time the new album will be. That's our goal, and if we work hard, it is quite realistic. What do you think about the success, enjoy the moment with Martijn Westerholt Delain? He even had time to leave Within Temptation because of his illness.
Sharon: Yes, he makes it really good, and that's really cool that he can do what he loves. At that time he did not want to leave us, but he was forced because of his illness. It is great to see that his band makes it great. Great for him, but he is family, so it is great to see that Robert's brother is also the time of his life. Let's move to the current Top 10 hit parade. Can you briefly comment on them?

10. Shakira - She Wolf
Sharon: To be honest, I do not like their new single, really. Normally I like Shakira. The simpler songs that she has previously made were pretty good, but in this song, I feel no connection.

9. P! Nk - Funhouse
Sharon: It is really an admirable person. I like it, but it's pop. I like it because it's pop with personality.

8. Gossip - Heavy Cross
Sharon: I just discovered the other day. I have not heard before, but it's cool in a way. You'll need a little getting used to it, but it's something that I like, I think.

7. Agnes - Release Me
Sharon: was never heard of, but I will listen to views.

6. David Guetta feat. Akon - Sexy Bitch
Sharon: Do I know not, maybe I know it when I hear it.

5. Lady GaGa - Paparazzi
Sharon: I love it. I love the way she sings. She is very musically talented. I've seen her at a show in Holland, where she played the piano. And she is really talented, really cool!

3. The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
Sharon: It's okay. It's not really my kind of music. I think the target audience are the younger ones.

2. OneRepublic - All The Right Moves
Sharon: This song I have not heard yet, but I like the older I am.

1. Robbie Williams - Bodies
Sharon: I did not know that he has a new song, but I certainly will listen, because I love Robbie Williams.

allora..m'immagino la faccia di sharon alle prime domande lol! ..l'intervistatore non ne ha imbroccata 1 Razz

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MessaggioTitolo: Re: HITPARADE.CH intevista   Gio 26 Nov 2009 - 20:36

Grande Shazza che apprezza Lady Gaga! cool

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