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MessaggioTitolo: INTERVISTA WT 2009   Ven 8 Gen 2010 - 16:39

..Dato che non discriminiamo nessuno,una volta che salta fuori un intervista NON
a Sharon..beh..ecco qua..
si ringrazia shayas dal forum ufficiale x la traduzione dal russo...
Alcune domande sono rivolte a sharon,altre a robert e martijn
a richiesta tradurro' qualcosina in italiano...
After their 2008 tour Within Temptation took some time out for a year. Nevertheless, as a present to the fans, the band recorded the album "An Acoustic Night At The Theatre", which got released in over 30 countries all over the world on 2nd November, 2009. Aside from the well-known hits, Within Temptation also came out with a brand new track called "Utopia". Sharon den Adel has one of the best voices from the rock scene nowadays; the song was nice to listen to, consisting of both familiar Within Temptation style and an acoustic variation. Now we get the change to come to know more about "An Acoustic Night At The Theatre" from Sharon herself. The vocalist of the legendary group shares her thoughts, bravely recalling the hard times WT faced as a band, talking about music styles and the influence all that has on the fans.

Congrats on the newly released "An Acoustic Night At The Theatre"! How did you come up with the idea to record an acoustic album?

Thanks. The idea got in our mind naturally because of the theatre tour from back one year ago. We never really released anything of the sort up until now, but I think our work incarnates perfectly in acoustic variations. This album might surprise some fans in terms of our "classical" sound, because this way we can easily present our music from yet another angle. The songs sound refreshed in a way, but they still sound heavy.

The ordinary versions of your songs indeed sound heavy and technically difficult to perform. This time you sort of "undressed" them - what is it that you find special about performing acoustic compositions? Do you like to get to their very own core?

It's like an adventure: you know these songs as they were so many years now, but at one point you try to "undress" them... You want to make them beautiful as much as possible. You don't take off the whole shell but instead just add a new arrangement. And yes, you never really know how exactly would they sound after that. They change and it's pretty interesting for the listener to rediscover yet once more. So basically you're used to the old sound, but then they get the abovementioned new arrangement, which adds a different vibe.

Was it difficult to choose and record those arrangements?

With certain songs it all went easy, but others gave us some hard time. Some songs didn't even make it to the final track list because they all just took a lot of time. It was like this: "Yes, we know we can do it, but it wouldn't fit in the theatrical theme, so we'll leave the idea for another time!" - that's what happened with "Mother Earth", for example. We wanted to record an acoustic version of it, but it's a really difficult song and we simply couldn't make it in time. We didn't want to "undress" her, leaving only guitars, piano and vocals. We wanted to use something more special as violin or violoncello. So time is the only reason we didn't realize all our ideas here.

Many bands nowadays record acoustic albums, but just a few do it in a real theatre where the acoustic sound differs from the ordinary club atmosphere. What was the hardest thing for you when it comes to recording a live concert in a theatre?

Well, the drums, that's one thing. When I sang I heard them louder than my voice. It's because I also hear the music through my own microphone as a distant echo that mixes up with everything... But that's not the real trouble. We tried to film it... We wanted to add some video effects, something like 3D. All that went down because of the problems we had with the lighting. We'll try again the next time. It's good to listen to the music, but it's a lot more different when it's all supported by a beautiful visual side, right?

You just mentioned the theatrical elements. You mean the hologram duet with Anneke van Giersbergen?

That was quite a fun part of the show because people came to think: "Is she really here? Is she really there? Is she real at all or... is this a hologram?" They didn't understand what was happening, haha! No one really expected something like that and I'm happy that we got the chance to surprise the audience.

Next year Within Temptation will continue with the theatre tour. Are you planning to use the same schedule or do have something else in mind?

You know, many fans didn't make it to the show... It was a sold-out and there were no more tickets. The theatres supported us with a great enthusiasm, people working there with us asked if we'll come back in 2010. We couldn't refuse because for us the whole experience was very useful, too. I hope that the fans will appreciate the new theatre tour as well. There will be some slight differences, we'll change several songs, but the main part will remain the same. We really hope that all fans will have the opportunity to join us.

Why don't you try to play in castles like Ritchie Blackmore, than?

We thought of that. It could happen, this might just be our next step... Once more it's really romantic, just as playing in a theatre is. But again there might be some problems like those with the echo. We'll have to work really hard in order to achieve and present the sound properly.

It says in your biography "They could go much further than just sympho-metal!" Do you always see yourselves in one concrete situation, playing in the same style?

Yes, but that's somewhat logical. You know that we incorporate many elements and different genres in our music, so one concrete label wouldn't fit us. Also our actual label changed the name of the genre we worked in pretty often, mainly because we released new albums. Back when we were making our first steps, the label called us "doom metal with female vocals", haha! Then our genre became "celtic metal" and after "The Silent Force" album we became a "nu metal" band. I started to think "Who are we actually? What are we playing?" In my opinion now we're a symphonic rock or even symphonic metal band, because we're heavier than just "rock". We wrote many different songs: starting with our Kate Bush influenced compositions all the way through symphonic metal sound. For example, "Jane Doe" is a kind of reflection of the 80's spirit. But they're all in harmony with the others. If now we take this or that song and put them in a different album, they'll sound as a whole.

Many fans of different genres also expect different things of you: something more towards heavy metal, melodic, epic. How do you manage to indulge them all?

We're just following our intuition. We always had our own course, our own way which we follow even now. And truth to tell, we wouldn't just cycle around one concrete genre just to please somebody. We play our songs many times because we also feel the necessity to love our own music. We don't want to limit ourselves, and it's impossible to think that you could please everyone... That's why we're always trying to be happy with what we play. To do exactly the thing that makes us happy and fits us. That's what makes us a really strong band. To think that you would never get any critique towards your music is also absurd.

Can you tell us more about the musical direction of your forthcoming album?

We haven't decided yet... We have many demo versions. Every journalist asks that and it's normal, because the fans want to know. But I only tell everyone that we have demo versions. The final result might be completely different from our first intensions. Then you end up with several compositions... Hmm... I can't tell anything else, I think. Because I simply don't know myself, haha.

Tell us about the new single "Utopia"?

I guess it'll shock a lot of people! When you record an acoustic album, you can't just add one heavier song, it would never fit the rest. When me and the guys wrote "Utopia", we wanted to share it with another musician. In the beginning it was Robert who said "The song will fit the acoustic album". It's different than what Within Temptation represent as a band. It's a new direction that we might follow, but I can assure you that the new album won't sound like that song. It's just another essence of Within Temptation. Then we thought "Well, OK! Let's release it as a single in order to promote the new album, the fans would like to hear something new".

"Utopia" is a duet with Chris Jones, who collaborated with a lot of DJs. Why did you choose him?

I came to know Chris while we were both working together with Armin van Buuren, "the DJ # 1". They both worked with each other. Once me and Chris shared the stage together and I listened to his song and voice. He has a nice voice. He's the author and singer of his songs, just like me. I also like disco music and reggae... I'm open for different offers. Surely, I can't experiment that way in the ranks of Within Temptation, but I can perform it on my own. Recording songs in different styles might actually teach you something and make you grow up. "Utopia" is a duet song. We talked with Chris and he agreed to perform it with me. He's a very cool guy from Liverpool, it was nice to work with him.

You became a mother for the second time. Will that experience reflect your songwriting in a way?

I became more emotional. Of course, we're women, we're always emotional... But when you become a parent, you also get more open-minded and receptive. I wouldn't say that my lyrics will change fundamentally though.

How do you manage to mix your private family time with your band life? Do you take your kids with you?

I already had! I took Luna, my daughter, and she liked it, haha! You know, the band is a huge part of all our lives, I'd never imagine my own without it. We're trying to embrace everything from each good side of life.

Within Temptation won several really big awards these last few years. What do they mean to you? Where do you keep them?

We have a special glass rack. But I must tell that we keep there the most important awards, won because of the fans voting for us on nominees. If you don't get fan vote from one moment further, you start to think "Do they not love us anymore?", haha. The awards that we won because of our fans are those that matter to us, they're special, unique. Nobody can alter the result, that's why they're so important to us.

Are you planning "ordinary" dates for concerts aside your theatre tour?

No, because we want to release the album first, then we'll start with the concerts once more. It all depends on how the process of work on the upcoming album. If it all goes fast, we'll have more free time and then we'll plan several concerts. It'll be fun, because I miss the stage a lot!

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MessaggioTitolo: Re: INTERVISTA WT 2009   Sab 9 Gen 2010 - 19:34

potresti stringare un po' il testo facendo un breve riassuntino in italiano??
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