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Kiel, Cologne, Munster, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Netherlands and Belgium then again Thursday. Here (in Germany) the promotion for the current acoustic album, "An Acoustic Night At The Theater", where (in Bene-without-lux) 22 appearances at the Night Of The Proms. Sharon den Adel, singer of Within Temptation, spends the time just before the busy Christmas rather than contemplative. I met the Dutch with the exception of voice before an in-store gig at Jim's CD Forum in Munster. (This is also a report here in the West.)

Sharon, a new CD may well be exciting. But to act as a solo artist at the Night of the Proms shows in Belgium and the Netherlands, it seems to me to be spectacular.
Sharon den Adel: There is something special to be invited to 22 shows at the Night of the Proms. I sing there, two pieces of Within Temptation and then "Stairway to Heaven" with John Miles. You sure know his super hit "Music". Roxette and Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark are also present. All accompanied by a large orchestra.
John Miles, and you, Is not as past meets the future?
John Miles is still there. I personally do not write people off so easy, as do some of the media. That may be old school, but he is one of the heroes my youth. With him standing on the stage gives me a lot of fun. He is a great musician and pianist. And his voice is fantastic. He sings "Stairway to Heaven" almost better than the original. John has so many talents.

You have just been talking about an orchestra. That is when your music now almost standard when it comes, for example, at the Black Symphony DVD. Comparatively intimate monitoring falls out on your latest acoustic CD, with a string and a cellist at the theater tour a year ago. As such a change from symphonic works to chamber orchestra bombast of metal on acoustics?
In principle, acoustic guitars are not instruments for us from another planet. Robert (Westerholt, composer of the band and partner of Sharon; Author's note) composing new pieces always on acoustic guitar. We use them in total already, just not as often as we would like to. And for the acoustic theater tour, we have not just pulled the plug, but rearranged the pieces. It also puts quite a lot of new work, and in the end you play the songs but, unlike usually. Especially with the older pieces, it is also time a relief to not play them over and over again the same way.
It is a change and a challenge for us. Finally, the fans have the opportunity to hear the songs once in a different way than usual. Frozen Take as an example. The piece is in the album version is not necessarily my favorite song. But both in the way we have rearranged it for the Black Symphony DVD, as well as for the acoustic CD grooves for me to even properly. In comparison to the studio version of the song has had a powerful win in my sympathies.
What have you contributed to the acoustic versions?
I had to adjust my vocal parts. When I sing in concerts with full force should the normal practice, it's a different matter than in quieter nights like last winter. I could lend my voice more facets and emotions. Now you can really hear emotions, which is otherwise only hear some of the music out to the quieter usually only at the pieces. Suddenly, in principle, provides the opportunity for more tremolo and vibrato, and to get more dynamic and even more feeling.
Honestly, how many revisions have you made after the concert still in the studio to the record?
Absolutely nothing.
You still regarded as a perfectionist. Did you stay for nothing?
However, I can already hear some bugs with my singing. For example, in one or another use my timing does not fit. But I have not rectified. But that was not necessary because it about the sixth show on the acoustic tour was that we have recorded. After the first concert, we all have hardly made any mistakes. But that is because you're incredibly focused on theatrical shows. Much more than ordinary concerts, where minor errors swallowed by most of the volume. As you can easily allow you a few Patzer. But if you play completely acoustic, you're in a manner completely naked in front of the audience. This sharpens your eye for more detail to be. And almost automatically, you're almost correct.
Are you in such an intimate atmosphere and a live recording at all stage fright?
However, I have. However, it is this: If you have a certain number of songs often play the piece, then you are united with the set. Anders is right at the beginning of a tour, I'm very nervous. But if I already have half of the trip behind me, I'm in the rhythm, and then it runs almost natural. At first, I still think very much of the text and inserts. Then I'm almost over-cautious and that is what leads and errors.
What makes the difference between a bombastic show like Black Symphony, and a show of the quieter ones like on the acoustic tour?
Of course, the difference in energy that we put into it. On normal concerts you powerst you out properly. We have a bombastic sound or use fireworks.
I imagine myself in fact, difficult in a theater ...
Yes, so you just fetch down the roof and procure the fire department ... (laughs) No, everything in the theater was intimate with a very different atmosphere from the music produces a bit of Celtic, more melancholy. The other face of Within Temptation, if you will. In essence, the different worlds that you cannot even compare.
Acoustic CD is one thing. Back to business now belongs to almost every tour actually a DVD. Do you have the theater shows do not even want to film?
We filmed the show, but unfortunately it does not work. This has provided us with the question: Where do we have this thing now in the box, we will publish it, although it is not good enough? Precisely because our recording is not exactly little cost. Our position is that we want to provide only quality.
What was the problem?
Our elaborate stagecraft. We have worked with holograms and 3D light show, therefore, with special visual effects. In order to stage perfectly, you do not all allowed to work with too much light. Otherwise you will immediately recognize what is real and what is not. And because all the shots were underexposed, if you will.
When her theater tour continues in the spring in the Netherlands, there is no second attempt?
Probably not. It seems to be a technical problem that cannot be solved. We look at this again, but have gone to 80 percent of the number. Not even as bonus material for future publications, we want to use the recordings. I cannot imagine more than that, we cut to a video of a piece, perhaps a few sequences from the theater tour out. But for a complete publication, it is unfortunately too bad. Sad, but true.
This is such a treat to the high demands on your work?
Yes. Especially because it also would have been straight to DVD Black Symphony. And that was the best thing we could imagine. And then you bring out really nothing that is not even half as good.
Was the trip itself because so well that you have decided on a sequel?
First off, we were unsure if our fans accept this idea. We have heard many skeptics, who were very reticent, if a band like us at all acoustic acts. For it is the exact opposite of bombastic and symphonic metal, for which we are normally. The debate in fan circles was so intense. But after the first show, quickly spread the news that it is worthwhile to come. And where there were still tickets for the small theater, they were sold out from then. There is just no one expected so that the pieces had been re-arranged and we had integrated 3D effects.
That is right across the border dare ye with the show but not?
Well, we put them away in April, once in the Netherlands and Belgium. But we are going to make, then also somewhere with the acoustic show touring. But next year, first comes the second helping of 18 concerts, plus the focus on the new album.
Record stores of this format, in which her right auftretet are not just a passing fad. Is your acoustic concert today is not more like a swan song, because the holder will lose-led record shops very soon the battle against Amazon and the like?
Totally agree with you. We are, as far as record stores, probably near the end of a not-so-good development. It will be difficult to turn back time and again reach a state where the purchase before the majority of music fans in the little shop on the corner.
What accounts have you as a band or your record company because of this development? I am thinking of spending this special bonus track exclusively in this online store, a T-shirt as an encore at the electronics market, and this or that gimmick elsewhere. And must pay a small shop, the rent and staff must have the normal album - and offering the absolutely at lowest price.
Yes, it seems to me to be very difficult to compete under those circumstances. But it is changing anyway very much in this world, and this is true for some time now for all areas of the music industry. On the other hand: why smaller shops should not be able to reinvent themselves? Look, there are still records in the corner. Had we not also proclaimed the death some time ago the good old vinyl records? And suddenly people want to buy records again. So you can not foresee all developments. But to be honest, the time of record stores is probably over. Look at our CD singles at. Which are physically now sold only in the Benelux countries; they did not even make it to Germany. The same goes for the new single "Utopia". There are here with you only as a download.
I run it cold down the spine when I think of people who have lavishly designed edition of the Black Symphony-DVD/CD only as a file on your computer and do not want to touch.
Dost thou now hard as a band in advance negotiations with the record company. You need a good answer to the question of why the company should put a lot of money in a deluxe edition with a thick booklet, instead of selling the music simply as a download. And, believe me, we really selling a lot of DVDs of Black Symphony, but it still deserves nothing. That says it all. And yet I believe that a really good product pays for itself in the end. Thus we see that as an artist, at least. And all of these extras make a CD or DVD for the fan more interesting than an MP3 file. I say this as one of the CD still has a magical aura. Many of the younger generations have, of course, as a different setup. We will see whether our philosophy has a future.

Interview: Volker Stephan

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Nuova intervista, 10.06.11

I am very sporty by nature. I play tennis, I often jog and I like to go to the gym for, among others, Body Combat and Body Pump with various weights. That is not as violent as it sounds by the way.
These exercises won’t make my muscles to grow, it’s just working out to good music.

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I still was still working out, but not for too long. This because I carry a bacterium, called streptococcus. Firstly, this causes an extra heavy pregnancy: it feels like a full shopping bag that is too heavy but it is stuck on your belly, tending to tear any time. When I pregnant for five months I hadn’t gained that much weight actually, but nevertheless I got the feeling that if I didn’t take it slow things could go wrong. Because, secondly, the bacterium causes premature births. My first two kids both came two months too early; when it turned out I was pregnant for the third time, I decided to take it extra easy.

It is hard for me to take things slow because I just can’t sit doing nothing. During the pregnancy I felled trapped in my own body because of that big belly. This time, again, I was thrilled that the baby was out so I could do things my way again. So, after three days, I was riding my bike yet again. We went to the other side of the village to get some icecream with the kids. The people in our street looked kinda surprised: you just gave…? But I felt fine! After a week you could find me on the tennis court again.

During this last pregnancy I gained 20 kilos. I want to reach my former weight, but that’s not my primary goal. The most important aim is to get in shape, so I will be able to handle the stage again. Though, I find it important to achieve this in a responsible way. Crash diets aren’t my cup of tea anyway and I don’t want to set a wrong example for young fans. I will be working out with responsible coaching, starting with a personal trainer. More about that next week!

La nostra CarroarmatoSharon non sta ferma un attimo love
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la traduzione dall olandese è opera di " corista" nel tour teatrale ..

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altra intervista a sharon

in particolare
Mike: Could you talk about a song on The Unforgiving that went through the most changes as you were creating it?

Sharon: Hmmm. I must say that this album was probably the easiest album that we have ever written. We put ourselves out there to be open to new influences and the songs could utilize some different styles. Previously we were pretty focused – not tunnel vision – but we had a pretty direct goal on what we wanted to sound like. It was more difficult, because we put everything we had into this really focused end result. For this new album we really felt like anything was possible. We just all tried to go with the flow and see where some of the songs would go on their own, without trying to steer them into a preset sound. Ok, so maybe ‘Fire And Ice’ is the song that changed then most. We thought it would never end up on the album when we were working on it, but is in on there and it sticks out a little bit because it’s one of the few ballads on the album. Even with all of the orchestration and the dramatic feel of the song, it still seems to work really well on the album. It didn’t change too much, but the orchestration that was added to it increased a lot.

Mike: Ok, cool. When you’re writing, do you try to get together and jam your music, or do you write independently and bring ideas in after you've each created them?

Sharon: No, we never jam. Never. Robert writes songs a lot with our producer and I write a lot with Martijn (Spierenburg) our keyboard player and sometimes I work with our producer. It’s all dependent on who has time, really. Sometimes things will come out of these sessions and sometimes they don't. So together, the four of us will sit together and try and figure out what works and what doesn’t. We will go towards one overall sound as we are working on these songs together.

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Intervista fatta in occasione del concerto milanese del 17.10.2011 a Linea Rock

Da notare la domanda "Quale canzone tra A Shot In The Dark, In The Middle Of The Night e Iron potrebbe diventare un classico dei Within Temptation? e Sharon risponde "A Demon's Fate" lol!
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Interviste Sharon   Interviste Sharon EmptyLun 21 Nov 2011 - 2:27

intervista di Metalitalia a Milano..

segnalo un report della data all Alcatraz su MetalManiac di novembre...

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Umore : Se non c'è il sole... è meglio.
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Interviste Sharon   Interviste Sharon EmptyLun 21 Nov 2011 - 12:49

Citazione :
Sharon Van Adel

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da Berlino..

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l'ultima intervista a Sharon..circolava da un paio di giorni in francese, ora c'è la versione in inglese...,74130

questa me la segno...
A lot of bands are starting to celebrate their old days by playing an old album in its entirety. Have you thought of doing that with one of your first albums like Enter or Mother Earth ?

No, because we play our favorite songs during a show. We’ve always have done so in the past too, so an entire album, I don’t know, maybe ! (laughs)

ME LO DOVEVATE FARE AL FCD 2010, popolazione d'imbecilli !( Gialappa's docet)

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Rubo la traduzione di Jess Baetens  Razz 

Daily rock
17 dicembre 2013 alle ore 15.36

Your new album, Hydra, will be released soon. How do you feel about that?

It's always a surprise to see that we continue to get better and better, that we still have inspiration. We wanted to make a good album. Actually, every time we finish one, we start with a new one straight away. So we always have to work hard. We always have a lot of inspiration. Which surprises us, cause sometimes you think you're going to run out of it. But on the contrary, it's become more and more easier to write songs. We have more and more fun. And I think this album is probably the most dense we've ever written. We had lots of creative blockages, for months it's hard to write songs and you don't know what to do. And with this one, the lyrics just came to me every time I sat down with someone, and I wrote them, and they always resulted in good songs. It wasn't that easy in the past.

So where did you get the inspiration for the new songs?

Nothing in particular inspired us. In the past, we kinda knew upfront how we wanted them to sound, there were certain limits. Now those limits are gone. We can write whatever we want, and in the end we figure out how to make them work together, as a whole. Sometimes it really sounds like Wt, but we included new elements, and we're much more open to new influences then before. The Qsessions inspired us a lot, cause we learned a lot from doing them. And the reason we love them, is because there was a lot of guitar. The guitars were really brought out and very catchy. The songs we play are always very catchy ofcourse. So we got inspiration from that, but if you listen to the new album, it has nothing to do with the Qsessions, because this is the most dense album we've written, and the Qsessions were based on songs that were very much pop.

So what's new on this album?

It's about old, new...what's new is that we brought back some old elements...Robert grunts again on two songs. We hadn't done that since 2003. So we brought back some old stuff, and I think the songs have changed, but they're still WT songs. Fast songs, like Dangerous or Tell me why and Silver Moonlight. We also used a double guitar, which we only ever did on Mother Earth. There's Xzibit on the album, who's from the hiphop scene. He's a rapper and I don't remember anyone in the symphonic metal scene having done that, so in a way, that's new. It was really great working on that song, cause it's a real wt song, orchestral, grandiose and we have a rapper!!! Yeah I love it very much (laughs)

It's very surprising...

As a combination , yes. I think it's the kind of song people will either love or hate, you know, cause the more traditional metalheads and rockers might find it hard to digest. And I understand that, but you know, I think this song is really good. And I think that people who listen to different styles of music, reggae, or music you hear on the radio, or dance, or whatever.., will be fine with it, understand it, and might even like it for what it is.

The album has other guest singers, Tarja being one of them. How did that happen?

Well Paradise is a really epic song. When we wrote it, we were like "should I sing this with a classical voice, or with a normal voice" . So we thought "well, it would be cool to have both, why not ask Tarja". You know, this song could've been a wt song, but it could also have been a Nightwish song or a Tarja song. We could've all written it. So we thought, why not ask her. It would be a brilliant collaboration for the fans, she really brought something cool to the song. And the result was brilliant! Fans will love it.

Some of your fans were disturbed with the evolution of Wt's style, is Hydra in the same line?

No, I don't think so (laughs). It is in a way, but it's very different. You can't say it's a logical follow up, it's very different from the last album.

Why did you call it Hydra? Does it have to do with the mythological creature?

Yes, because every head represents a different personality, a different aspect of the band. You know, we did a lot of different things, lots of acoustic stuff, lots of orchestral stuff. On our last album we had a song that was influenced by dance and on the new one we have Xzibit and other guests. It's really different from what we've done in the past, so I think that every head represents a different facet of WT. And every time you cut off a head, two will grow in it's place. On the other hand, Hydra is about different subjects of life, it's more mature. Maybe we wrote about different things before because we were younger. We've been around for 17 years, so the way we look at certain things in life, has changed.

What can you tell me about the other duos?

Well there's Dave Pirner. There was this song, which really sounded like a Soul Asylum song, in particular Runaway Train. And when we wrote it, we were like "oh, this is not really a WT song".So how could we make it sound more WT..We've worked a lot on the arrangements. It ended up sounding more WT, but there was still this SA feel to it. So we thought it would be cool to ask Dave to sing on it. And the song really makes sense with him on it. So we went looking for him and it was really hard to find him, cause he wasn't in the scene anymore. And then he wrote a new album with SA after several years. He did a lot of other stuff outside the scene, he has his own home studio and worked with a lot of people in the jazz scene in New Orleans, where he lives. He's mad about jazz. So he released this new SA album, but we still couldn't find him. And finally we did, through facebook, people he knows. Months later, we got his manager's phone number. And then we got him on the album. If he had refused, the song wouldn't have been on it.

What's the album about?

Like I said, the big questions of life. It's not all dark and negatif. When something bad happens, you can overcome it and try and change things, stop being a victime. Move on and do something positif, change your point of view. That kind of stuff.

I've read somewhere that France was the first country you played, appart from Holland. What do you feel like here?

It was really cool! We weren't expecting to see a lot of people and the gig was nearly sold out! And we were like "wooooow" . We played at the Splendid? No, no, it was the Locomotive, next to the Moulin Rouge.

The Locomotive doesn't exist anymore!

No, it's got a different name now. But anyways, it was our first gig and I remember some fans who were there, and still come to see us nowadays. I'll never forget it, cause it was like "woow, you want me to sign something???wooow " (laughs) . Did people know us in Paris? yeah, there were lots of them. And I remember it was really special , cause the former guitarplayer, he smoked a lot of weed. But since that wasn't allowed in France, he decided to drink instead, and he was really sick. He couldn't perform, so Robert had to play all the guitar parts, even those he wasn't supposed to. And there was this other Dutch band in our hotel, who played the day after, and our guitarplayer was too sick to to travel, so he had to go home with the other band. He just drank way too much, it was really stupid.

What's your best memory of a concert?

There are so many... A lot of them, when I played in a certain country for the first time. Like the Czech Republic, where we did this free festival, called Dynamo, back in 1998. That was when we started out. Someone we knew in Holland, but who was Czech, did the festival as well. A lot of Dutch bands went to play at the festival, and we stayed in this old military hotel. It was actually a military base, but they turned it into a hotel, so it still had this military atmosphere. On the day of the festival, the place was empty, untill we started playing. I don't know where they all came from, but suddenly it was packed. And when we went back to the hotel , people were following our car. It was weird, but we had a wonderful time. And then there was the gig at the Locomotive. It's things you remember , cause they were special or a weird. And we also played in Mexico for the first time. We weren't payed for the gig, but they payed our plane tickets, so we went on holiday there. At the time we still had normal jobs next to the band. Rammstein was playing there, and minors are not allowed in. Rammstein let them in anyway, and the authorities found out and cancelled everything. So we weren't allowed to play on that tour anymore. But we had a long holiday. It's not just concerts, it's also the peopel we meet, and the traveling with the band and crew. That's what makes it special.

Is there a place you would love to play or play again?

I would love to go back to Australia! I've been there when I was a child and I loved it. But it's hard to plan other concerts in the same area at the same time, like Japan. And we would loose so much time traveling to these places that are really far appart and then going back to them. We always try to combine multiple gigs in the same area, cause the production is very expensive. And even though we have been asked several times , we never could, but I continue hoping that one day we will (laughs).

What's your favorite wt album?

The last two. I love TU and ME as well. And Hydra! Yeah that makes 3. Three?? (laughs) okay my favorite is Hydra, but I also love the other two.

Why those?

They're the most personal. I have better memories with those albums. TSF was really hard to write, it was a rough time, so I don't really have fond memories of that one. It's a very dark album, probably the darkest of all. But it had a lot of success! (laughs) But it's not my favorite, it's just too dark for me.

Now that you finished Hydra, will you start working on the next album?

Yes, we'll start pretty quickly with that. We'll write on the road and i'm going to try to take piano lessons. I just found those sites where you can learn all by yourself with youtube, so i'm going to do it like that (laughs). But we'll write songs as well.

Are you always in a creatif mood?

Not always, but when I have time to write, and block out everything around me, I can write. When i'm in a nice hotel, with no noise, I can write beautiful songs.

What's your favorite song on Hydra?

That's a difficult question, cause there's a lot that I really love. I love Edge of the World, but also Dangerous. And the Whole World is watching is also one of my favorites. And Let us Burn. Like I said, there's too many I love (laughs), it changes with my mood.

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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Interviste Sharon   Interviste Sharon EmptySab 4 Gen 2014 - 0:11

una bell intervista con Sharon..Hydra..poi dagli esordi con The Circle fino a

How are they different? Jeroen is really the symphonic guy and he's the bass player. Martijn (Spierenburg, keyboards) is really the Celtic guy
non l avrei mai detto... lol! 

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Località : Tra BS e il Garda Lake
Umore : Se non c'è il sole... è meglio.
Data d'iscrizione : 14.04.11

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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Interviste Sharon   Interviste Sharon EmptyGio 31 Lug 2014 - 1:51

Video interview with the lovely Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation with fans participating !
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Interviste Sharon   Interviste Sharon EmptyMer 1 Ott 2014 - 5:59

onic Cathedral was lucky enough to catch up with Sharon den Adel in person, backstage before the band’s sold out concert in San Francisco (the first stop of their 2014 U.S. tour). Sharon took a break from signing 6,000 posters for fans (!) to tell us about reactions to Hydra, including the controversial “And We Run”; what the band learned from adapting Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”; how the upcoming Hydra DVD became an Elements DVD (a scoop we promised not to share until the band announced it); the inspiration for “Dangerous” and “Covered by Roses”; her favorite Game of Thrones character; and why WT’s tour doesn’t include as many states as she’d like. Read on!
Sonic Cathedral: Thank you for agreeing to another interview with Sonic Cathedral. Our staff and our readers are all big fans.

Sharon: Cool.

Sonic Cathedral: Welcome back to California too.

Sharon: Yeah, I love it. It’s nice weather, better than Europe at the moment. It’s always a pleasure to play here, so looking forward to it tonight.

Sonic Cathedral: Are you getting to do anything fun in San Francisco or just sign posters for the fans?

Sharon: We were here on Tuesday, so we saw Fisherman’s Wharf. And we went to Haight-Ashbury. It was beautiful as well. I’ve been to both places many times before already, like the two times we were here. But I like it very much, and those areas are very appealing to us, being a tourist of course.

Sonic Cathedral: So how many posters are you signing for the fans, do you know?

Sharon: A couple of thousand, I think close to six thousand. It’s crazy. We never thought that there’d be so many people who would buy the tickets so early, because we said if you buy the ticket early you get a free poster. So somebody had that bright idea, I’m not sure if it was me or somebody else in the crew or something. But it backfired a bit (laughs).

Sonic Cathedral: Yes, well I overheard that the show is sold out tonight.

Sharon: Yeah, it is. But a lot of people are coming to pick up their poster as well.

Sonic Cathedral: Well congrats on that, and congrats on the success of Hydra. It was your most successful album to date in the US right?

Sharon: Yeah it is, yes. It’s very special. They like The Unforgiving, but especially hard rock has been very successful here. You never know how people will react to your new album, and I’m really happy to see that this album went down well.

Sonic Cathedral: I think the best song for me is probably “And We Run” even though it’s the most unusual.

Sharon: Really? The guys before you, they really hated it, so the opinions are very divided on that.

Sonic Cathedral: It’s polarizing?

Sharon: Yeah, yeah it is.

Sonic Cathedral: I read an interview recently with Linkin Park, where they said when they introduced rap to nu metal, and they went on their first tour on Ozzfest, people were throwing things at them, they just hated it so much.

Sharon: Really, ohhh.

Sonic Cathedral: I think your fans have been a lot more accepting of new stuff right?

Sharon: Yeah they are, because they also know that we’re always doing this kind of thing, always trying new things. For us it’s the reason that we’re still around. Otherwise we would be so bored, or have so much writer’s block. Now we still aim to do what we like, and this is the only way forward, actually.

Sonic Cathedral: You would think that symphonic metal fans in general would be more open to combining new things than maybe average metal fans?

Sharon: Yeah. But maybe because this scene has already been around for such a long time, it has a certain history also, that it’s become a box of its own, you know, like how to fit in, and how to be, and how to play. Unfortunately. But yeah, it goes with everything.

Sonic Cathedral: I also thought it was cool that you included as bonus tracks on Hydra some of the Q-Music sessions. Did you learn anything new from doing that kind of music that helped you write Hydra?

Sharon: We were doing those covers at the moment that we also started writing new songs for Hydra, and it helped us a lot, actually. Especially the song of Lana Del Rey because we transposed her song from a mid-tempo kind of a song to a more up-tempo song, and we added guitars, and different tonalities and stuff, and we learned what you can do if you keep in mind what kind of rhythm you have in the beginning, what you choose for rhythm in the beginning. Like for instance, “Paradise,” which you hear in the background, was actually a ballad in the beginning, and we did that on purpose, because it’s easier to write a ballad. But if you write it in the right tempo you can transpose it to a heavier, up-tempo song in the end. And that’s what we did we with a lot of songs, like “Silver Moonlight,” and for us it’s an easier way to write up-tempo songs, because in the past somehow it was always a bit difficult for us. This is the most up-tempo album we’ve ever made. This was one of the keys to do it. That’s the writing process.

Sonic Cathedral: That’s cool. I’ve also been hearing rumors on the Internet of a coming DVD, do you have any comments on that yet?

Sharon: On Tuesday you’re gonna hear a lot more, but when is it going to be out, this interview (laughs)?

Sonic Cathedral: The interview will not be published at least for two weeks.

Sharon: Oh, yes (laughs). It’s going to be an Elements DVD, actually. It started out to be a Hydra DVD, and then on the final hour of the final day we decided not to go through with it, because we had put Elements as an extra on it, and we were watching it, and it was so beautiful. In our mind, when we did the show, we were never happy completely with it. But looking back on it, it was way better than we ever thought. Somehow it just turned really bad in our heads. Sometimes time does that to something. And we had to come back on our decision. (The soundcheck reaches a crescendo.) Let me see if I can close the doors, one second. (Sharon leaves and comes back after the music stops.) You always see that, he stops when you close the door.

Sonic Cathedral: Well the show is more important than the interview (laughs)!

Sharon: No, this is also important of course. So, at the final moment we decided to do the Elements show because it looked so great, and we flipped it around. Elements is the main thing, we added almost the whole show on it, and the Hydra is the extra. But you get both, because people also wanted to have Hydra. You can’t compare the two, because the Hydra show is like a regular show, and Elements is theater.

Sonic Cathedral: Yeah, I was there, so I know what you mean.

Sharon: And people were also asking so many times about Elements, please make a DVD out of it. We always said we’re never going to do it. And that’s why we put some extras on it. But then working on it, we were like it’s actually really good, damn, we should turn it around. It cost us a lot of money to turn that around again, but we felt like we would never ever release it afterwards either, because after releasing a few songs it doesn’t make sense to do another DVD. It costs a lot of money. It did in the end still (laughs). It was a hard to make the DVD because so many things went wrong, but in the end now it’s perfect, the way it’s coming out, it just looks perfect, it sounds perfect. So I’m really happy about it.

Sonic Cathedral: That’s really good news, because that’s a show worth sharing with the whole world.

Sharon: Yeah, exactly. And I think it’s very important also to show. The other thing is we have Black Symphony as the last thing we released as a DVD. And you don’t want to do a normal show as a DVD as a follow up after Black Symphony. Black Symphony was over the top, you know how we did things. And Elements is the only thing you should bring out after something like that.

Sonic Cathedral: Cool, I will look forward to that, and I won’t tell anyone before you make the announcement (laughs). (Brief break while Sharon talks to crew.) So it seems like sometimes that you write songs that are based on your personal experiences and sometimes they seem from your imagination. Is that right?

Sharon: Yeah that’s true. Sometimes also it doesn’t always have to be about me, but it’s more like people around you. You gather ideas from everything in life of course. It can be personal, but also from people that you know and things you see on television or movies, and you get inspired.

Sonic Cathedral: So which type of song is “Dangerous”?

Sharon: “Dangerous” is more the type of song that we got inspired. I don’t know, the subject just came up, we were looking at some extreme sports on television, that’s how it got stuck in my mind when we started the recording of the song. “Dangerous” was already in the demo phase. It was like, you know what, let’s keep it because we have a cool theme there. There are some people who are crazy doing these crazy things. But I understand it because I like it, the adrenaline feeling. I get it from being on stage, I don’t need to jump from buildings. Luckily. I’m afraid of heights (laughs). We all find our own way. And some people just do it this way.

Sonic Cathedral: You have done a little race car driving with Robert I think?

Sharon: Yes. I tried it once, and well it wasn’t my kind of thing. But it was his thing, you know. I like other things.

Sonic Cathedral: That always made me smile, when being a rock star is not enough adrenaline you have to become a race car driver.

Sharon: Yeah (laughs). Robert is a guy of extremes.

Sonic Cathedral: So I’ve heard your explanation of Hydra as having lots of heads that represent different aspects of your music.

Sharon: Yeah, exactly. We have many different influences. From the day we started, we started of course like a doom metal band, they called us. And it’s always what’s popular in the world apparently, what label they give us. Then suddenly we became symphonic metal, and then with some of the ads Silent Force became gothic metal. I always hated that name, by the way. Not because I don’t like gothic or don’t like metal. I hated the fact they always changed the labels for us. For us we were always symphonic metal or symphonic rock. And we also had the Celtic feel to our songs. We had so many different influences from different sides. Anyway, every head is for every aspect of our music. The hydra also means face your fears and embrace your demons. The hydra is also a demon in a way. Not musically, but more about the personal things in life. The lyrics are also about the bigger things in life that come back every time, but in a different way because you look at the same subjects, the big themes in life like death and happiness and love, and those kinds of things that everybody has to deal with in life. Twenty years ago I looked differently at those kinds of things than nowadays. I take it with a little bit more melancholy, but less heavy than I used to.

(The soundcheck becomes super loud, and Sharon steps. In the meantime I ask Jeroen, who is busy signing posters, how’s your hand? “I won’t be able to play here tonight, sorry. Nah, it’s ok. Just sign here. Just sign here.” Quiet returns, and Sharon reappears.)

Sonic Cathedral: You were saying how your perspective has changed over the years?

Sharon: Yeah. Like for instance the song “Covered by Roses” really sums it up, the whole feeling lyrically, actually, because it’s about the passing of someone, and then somebody was afraid. Of course, things change and there’s one person who’s not there anymore, and you have a certain kind of relationship with each other. But it’s more like that I see you have to enjoy the moment now. Make those moments, and don’t wait until twenty years when you are going on your pension to take that big beautiful trip and then you die within a year. How many times do you hear that. So those kinds of things. Carpe diem. Really take your moment. I think that’s a positive way of seeing things, instead of being sad about the fact that things are going to pass. Things are going to pass. You knew that already, for many years. You better turn it into something positive. There’s always going to be this melancholy around it, of course. That’s the best way to deal with it. You live so many years in time.

Sonic Cathedral: Are you also into dragons?

Sharon: I love dragons (laughs).

Sonic Cathedral: Do you like Game of Thrones?

Sharon: I love Game of Thrones. You know, I read those books at least ten, fifteen maybe twenty years ago, when they released them for the first time in Holland, when it was translated. I never read them in English, actually. But I was always waiting for the new episode to come out, and it always took years and years, like every album of ours as well (laughs). So to follow the story you have the read the first book again, because there are so many characters in this story. And I love that, I love it. I’m so happy now there’s this series out now. It’s the best, really the best. He’s really the best fantasy writer around, there’s no better. But the only thing is he takes too much time.

Sonic Cathedral: Who is your favorite character?

Sharon: Arya actually. In the book it was always Arya. In the movie it changed to someone else, the lady of the dragons, Khaleesi (laughs).

Sonic Cathedral: So is your song “The Promise” at all related to Catelyn and the Red Wedding? I’m not sure which came out first, but they’ve always seemed similar to me.

Sharon: Actually it was from a different fantasy book, that I was inspired about that. What was it called again? The Laws of Magic? First Law, Second Law? I don’t have the name of the writer. It was also good in the beginning, but then he was too much of a super hero and never died. And she was also like this (laughs). In fact getting boring at the end. But in the beginning it was good. It was also very heavy. It’s not as good as the George R.R. Martin books. It became you really knew he was never going to die, he would always end up with her again. It’s almost like this romantic book. It was a little bit too sweet. But the song was on a different fantasy, unfortunately.

Sonic Cathedral: I think you could sort of reapply it. It almost applies to Catelyn.

Sharon: Yeah, exactly.

Sonic Cathedral: Well I’ve taken a lot of your time. Are there any last things you’d like to say to our readers, in America and elsewhere?

Sharon: We are always happy to play America, it’s really nice to be here. Also we know we have a lot of fans out there, and unfortunately because we’re trying to combine two worlds together, we all have families, that’s why we can’t tour everywhere. That’s why we always do these states, actually. And I think it’s unfortunate, and we get a lot of complaints, and I’m sorry about that. People complain about the fact that we don’t play everywhere, but we have to make choices. But maybe it will be in the future that we’ll do the other states instead of these states and also visit those states. But they better be there, you know! Otherwise I’m going to kick your butt (laughs).

Sonic Cathedral: We’re very spread out in this country. Thank you so much for your time. I’ll let you continue getting ready.

Sharon: Yeah, I’m going to sign a few more, he’s catching up with me, I was actually ahead, by 1000.
Sonic Cathedral: I got you behind here, sorry.

Sharon: No, I was already late when I came here because I got hardly any sleep, and so did he. Everybody has jetlag. I only had two hours sleep, I couldn’t sleep. Maybe I’m going to try to sleep an hour in the bus later on.

Sonic Cathedral: Really looking forward to the show.

Sharon: It’s good to be back again, and it’s great that you’re here again. Thank you.

Lacuna Coil Italia
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blackalbum1991 ha scritto:

Sonic Cathedral:  Do you like Game of Thrones?

Sharon:  I love Game of Thrones. You know, I read those books at least ten, fifteen maybe twenty years ago, when they released them for the first time in Holland, when it was translated. I never read them in English, actually. But I was always waiting for the new episode to come out, and it always took years and years, like every album of ours as well (laughs). So to follow the story you have the read the first book again, because there are so many characters in this story. And I love that, I love it. I’m so happy now there’s this series out now. It’s the best, really the best. He’s really the best fantasy writer around, there’s no better. But the only thing is he takes too much time.

Sonic Cathedral:  Who is your favorite character?

Sharon:  Arya actually. In the book it was always Arya. In the movie it changed to someone else, the lady of the dragons, Khaleesi (laughs).

Arya bounce bounce bounce
Grande Sharon, anche lei fan di Game of Thrones! cheers
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Intervista di ieri 09/10/2014 [impostate un IP americano per poter vedere il video]

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ieri sera chat su twitter..copio e incollo da Don't tear me down...
#ready 4 the Q & A???? I AM… Go 2 and hashtag #letusburn

”@PereaSara: What is your expectation of the future on within temptation”
– Our expectation for the future, well we don’t look further than a new album… so for now we can say we started writing

”@Llorenbalsach: What’s your favorite song of your own band? my WT’s favorite song is Mother Earth”
– My favorite song of us at this moment is Covered by Roses

”@victordigon: There r some special songs that haven’t been included in DVD (OFarewell, NES,Memries). Why? You had played it so well”
– Some songs didn’t make it to the DVD mainly because we only had limited amount of space on the dvd

”@KamilDbrowa: What can you say about new single you work on? Will be released a video with it? ^_^”
– We’re not working on a new single, we just writing a bunch of new stuff

“.@AnetaKrehut: Dear Sharon! I wish I could be a very good singer. Have You got some advices for me? Your voice is magical! ILYSM wink
– Some advice to become a good singer: practice with similar artists within your vocal range

”@PereaSara: Why you changes the style of the music?”
– Why do we change the style of music? That’s what we like doing, trying new stuff within our WT style

“@eelcoladan: Do you like shopping?”
- Shutup bitch

”@Nastya_Besedina: What inspires you to creativity? answer my please”
– What inspires me to creativity,..Other music, life, movies, books and stories in general.

”@EllenHesselink: what was the turning point that made you all decide to release Hydra Live & Elements?”
– The turning point of releasing both Hydra&Elements.. We forgot about that show until we saw the footage and we loved it!

”@georgeluksong: Should the Brazilian fans expect a surprise on the upcoming shows?”
– Well we can’t tell otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise but unfortunately Tarja will not jump out of a cake sorry.. Smile

”@dybowskaya: Who runs @WTofficial page in twitter?”
– Mostly I do and sometimes our management

”@Seraphim_queen: Covering Queen?”
– Well never say never!

”@sean_vfrover: Tourplans UK?”
– Yes, we’re headlining Bloodstock!!

”@davidcrkk: In these latest years Robert is not going with the band to Tours.WIll Robert play In live again?”
– Robert plays along once in a while, when one of the guitarists are unable to play or just for fun

”@dontaskthistime: Are you planning to make a live collaboration somewhere with Tarja, Xzibit or any of them? You have a wonderful live!”
– We didn’t include a collab with Tarja, because we don’t have a filmed collab of us.

”@herzblum: Whats your favorite drink and if you coming back to belgium next year and what are your plans in the future”
– My favorite drink is wine and we sure hope to play next years BE festivals, the future will bring more music.

”@SharjaShipper: After ‘Hydra Theater Tour’ will be next Tours/Festivals or something? Greetings from Poland! Smile
– After the theater tour we will be playing festivals

”@Lilit89: We are waiting for you in Ukraine, Kiev is ready Smile
– We aim for the new date in Kiev and if nothing crazy happens we will see u there

”@georgeluksong: A lot of fans want a music video for Let Us Burn and Edge Of The World. Do you intend to make for one, none or both?”
– If there will be more musicvideos? Not at the moment but feel free to make a cool one yourself

”@killjoy011: Do u get your inspiration for songs from popular culture or more from mythological stories?”
– Both

”@carollcortina: why did u stop using the long silver dress from hydra tour? It was so beautiful on you!”
– Thank you! I wear my silver dress now and then but I have more favorite outfits wink

“@Liontine: Please, say, will you have a concert in Kazakhstan? Very Happy We’re really waiting for you here!”
– Hopefully in the future

”@WomenofMetal_: hi Sharon. Which other female vocalist would you like to do a duet with that you haven’t already?”
– Female duets partners..Uhmm can it be male? On top of my list is @DavidBowieReal

”@Tomtelomm: I would like to see you in 3D. Do You plan to record a concert in 3D in the future?”
– You can see me live baby wink

”@nerdsbianismz Favorite vacation spot? Smile
– Spain

”@ChipMoody: Saw a photo of you laying in water holding a flower – was it a depiction of Ophelia? How did it come about? <3”
– Photo of depiction of Ophelia? Correct, it was a Dutch photographer making a serie of photo’s influencent by historical pictures

”@Ce_Giovanniello: Which 5 things you need to have on tour?”
– Laptop, books, phone, candy, movies.

”@niakirtley: What has been your proudest moment within the UK music scene?”
– Playing Wembley Arena!

”@Aletina29: does this new DVD include also backstage footage and extras as the other ones in addition to the two live shows?”
– No backstage footage unfortunately, but we’ve made a cool tourdiary check

”@leleuzinfs: Hi Sharon! My question is: Would you make another live with Keith Caputo after his transformation? I love you!”
– Another collab with Keith Caputo? We’re good friends with @MinaCaputo and we will see what the future will bring

”@allenrosesword: Have you met Lana Del Rey after you covered “summertime sadness” ? Did she liked it ?”
– Yes and yes she liked it

”@Michel_ITR99: Hi Sharon, my question: why don’t you play Enter’s songs lately?”
– We have so many songs and no growling voice on stage! Smile

“@shanelowe7: Earlier this year Robert said U are coming to Australia in 2015. Is that still gonna happen?”
– Not sure yet, but working on it

”@PauloVash and what was your fav city you guys played in? And pls come back to LA Smile more power to you guys!”
– Every city is different and I love the diversity of all the cities

”@wishmastersissi: what did you inspire The Last Dance lyrics? It’s such a suggestive song!”
– The Last Dance lyrics are based on a dream

”@Nastya_Besedina: What is your favorite dish?”
– My favorite dish: a goatcheese sandwich with a glass of red wine

”@natalweyn: Will there be more theatre concerts in Amsterdam?”
– We hope so!

”@victordigon: Will you come back to Barcelona? Last time you came was at BCN Metal Festival. However, we want a tour concert! Very Happy
– We will be in Spain next summer!

”@ReynaFerro: Do you know that some fans call you “the pretty rabbit”?”
– Not a rabbit

”@viky_feijoo: What should we expect from the new theater tour?”
– Magic!

”@NemoAndrade: why don’t you play enter anymore? Its one of my favorites”
– No one grunter in the band live

”@CeLeeCoronel: What’s your funniest anecdote on stage?hahahaha Smile
– Google WT Swedisch Cock/Cook

”@moonlightscales: Meet & greets in March?”
– Not sure, it always takes a long time before we go home

”@moonlightscales: Hi Sharon! You probably get these a lot, but do you guys know if you’ll soon be coming to France? ;-)”
– We hope to be in France for the festival season next year

”@Ce_Giovanniello: Is easy to find inspirations to write?”
– No really have To dive into it…it takes time.. Like a good wine

”@EdoardoFiumi: why do you cut”See Who I Am” and “The Cross” from the DVD? It’s a pity!!!”
– We had to make some choices because of the lenght of the dvd

”@ClareMFarmer: I love your black leather corset you’ve been wearing on the Hydra tour. Is it custom made?”
– Yes it is

“@Hoeltfold: about name of band,WT – What is the meaning?have any meaning? a story?”
- No, needed To sound epic..

“@dcfc_89: you looking forward to headlining Bloodstock next year? Any surprises? We love you in the UK! Very Happy
- Yeah and yeah

“@dcfc_89: What is your favourite music video to date? You always make amazing videos, think mine is Frozen! ”
- Mine:Paradise

“@WTaddict: Why is it that Elements wasn’t good enough to release back then, but is now?”
- The making and performing took so much energy we didn’t have at the momen. The material ended up on the shelf, but turned out to be very good!

“@MyLostLenore_: do you ever think about making folk music someday? Smile
- Maybe I love folk music

“@nemoandrade would you describe the evolution from your onstage look and fashion?”
- Just going along with fashion and my own style

“@twick_ What’s the story or tale that made you wrote Hand Of Sorrow?”
- It’s based on a book

“@donttearmedown_: any info on the Black Symphony Europe tour so far? Or has this plan sailed for now?”
- Still something for the future

“@WtPolska: what’s your fav character in Game of Thrones?”
- Love tyrion

“@Ce_Giovanniello: Which is your favourite male and female tennis players?”
- No favorites, just like to watch a good and fair game

“@killersinead: In your opinion, what gig from Let Us Burn was more difficult for performing?”
- Elements had more pressure because it was a one off show

“@grand__merci: Aren’t you afraid not to do something important in your life? If so, what is it?”
- No, I’m seizing the moment

“@trish2658: Have you decided yet if you’re returning to the U.S. to do a tour of the south?”
- Looking into it!

“@AmyLeeLchynEV @SiyahKarga7: hey Sharon! I love you I love you. Do you love me yes I do?”
- Lol

“@lehPhotography: Is there a chance you’ll ever make a DVD on the scale of Black Symphony again?”
- Check out Elements on “Let Us Burn”!!

“@iGaboGR: What is your biggest dream in personal life and music life?”
- I’m living my dream

“@Ce_Giovanniello: Big stadiums or small theatre to performe?”
- Both!

“@dont_save_me: Would you like that one of your videos was shot by TIM BURTON?”
- Duh that would be a dream

“@WheelsOfEvil: Why don’t Let Us Burn will be released as Blu-ray??”
- It is on Blu-Ray, you can order it in our webshop! Check:

“@heyfence: what is you favorite song in Hydra?”
- At the moment Covered by Roses

“@WTguate: how would you like to celebrate 20 years of Within Temptation?”
- Don’t know yet.

“@MrsCah: Would you like to do another Tori Amos cover? Of which song?”
- Love her music, won’t cover anything but if So; winter

“@miiska_ : What’s your favourite song of all times?”
- Don’t have a WT favorite but like Prince – Purple Rain a lot

“@CausticNoetic: you’ve done some spectacular live shows, would having a show with a venue like Edinburgh castle ever be considered?”
- That would be lovely

“@josssefineee: Are you coming to Sweden anytime soon”
- Maybe with summer festivals

“@misterfroggywt: Why intros are not available in CDs ? Are there bonuses in DVDs ?”
- Because a cd can only be 80 minutes and wanted to have one show on one disc.

“@jackkhalil: You had a concert in Lebanon ur friend sara brought you hereWill you visit Lebanon again?”
- Hope 2play there again

“@WTChile: any surprises for the new concert in Chile?”
- You have to join the show to see for yourself!

“@MartiniLimaa: What’s the last record you bought?”
- Album of @theCharmtheFury

“@Bryanjimenez13: Hi!! Have you ever been to Costa Rica? I wish you were here for a concert !”
- No but heard it’s beautiful

“@Hoeltfold: Let Us Burn – What is the meaning?have any meaning? a story?”
- Letting a person be who they want to be and let them shine in their own way

“@RhiannonTopping: where has been your dream to alway play?”
- Just wanted PLAY

“@Jimi_KatyCat: Coming back to 013 anytime soon?”
- Sadly, no. But we will play in the Schouwburg with the theatretour!

“@Sharon_FanPage: excited to see you the next week in Mexico; we hope a special setlist (the promise?) to the magic night”
- You have to be there to experience it! Smile

“@karekare67: Are you coming to TURKEY anytime soon”
- Working on it

“@WtPolska: Would you make some shows like Acoustic Night @ the Theater in other European countries?”
- Announcing one next week wink So yes working on it

“@wtenky: is there any chance you’ll come to Russia some time soon? X)”
- Working on more shows in Russia for next year!

“@dont_save_me: Hello, beautiful Sharon! What’s your favorite song for singing?”
- Covered by Roses at the moment

“@frenchbarricade: Do you love tragedies by Shakespeare?”
- Yes!

“@darkpoal: What about you getting back to Germany as soon as possible? Smile (hinthint Dresden is a great city!)”
- We have some cool festivals planned in Germany so stay tuned Smile

“@Fabien_wt79: Can we expect something as magical as The Sanctuary for the 2015 Theatre Tour? Smile
- Most definitely

“@stefan04miller: is it will be possible to get your autograph in Kiev and take a photo with band? Smile
- Maybe, maybe not. You never know, it depends on our schedule!

“@i_feel_immortal: Which meaning have the song “Fire and Ice” for you?”
- Holding on to hope although all odds are against

“@TheUnforgivingB: Are you prepared to the warmth of Brazil ?”
- Yes, I’ll embrace it

“@freakshotas: what do you think abou Brazil? I love you guys”
- We can’t wait to visit you guys very soon!

“@Sharon_FanPage @TheUnforgivingB: we can expect an special setlist in this upcoming tour?? please yes !!!”
- There will be some changes

“@starlings_julia: Are you coming to Russia anytime soon?”
- Working on more shows for next year!

“@JennoVonMARS: Would you ever consider doing a cover of Purple Rain, Prince?”
- Maybe but don’t think anyone can do it better than original

“@RukCort: is there any chance you’ll come to Spain sometime soon?”
- Yes, next year!

“@Eplyrata: I’ll see you guy live on Friday! Are you looking forward to play at the Metal Hammer Paradise?”
- Of course, we can’t wait! Smile

“@grand__merci: Sharon, before a death you can talk with only one person. Who is this?”
- That’s something personal

“@Gonzalohume: Do you sing with Tarja Turunen live someday?”
- Maybe, both would like 2

“@SineadVita: It’s there any chances you’ll come back at Lithuania soon? Smile))”
-You never know, we always try to visit as many countries as we can within our schedule..

“@AuryTemptation: Sharon, are you excited about the upcoming Latin America tour??”
- Of course, we can’t wait to visit South America!

“@georgeluksong: What about Whole World Band contest?”
- You can expect some news online soon

“@infleurs: hey Sharon, when are you and the guys coming back to Portugal? we miss you so much here!!!”
- We hope to come back next year!

“@Eplyrata: I’ll see you guy live on Friday! Are you looking forward to play at the Metal Hammer Paradise?”
- Cu friday!

“@tarjetecoiler: What do you expect about The show in Rio de Janeiro? We are very anxious!! See you and The guys soon”
- We expect crazy fans, so bring it!

“@heyfence: you and Robert have been answering together?”
- Nope just me, plus a few helping hands typing very fast to answer mucho questions

“@carinomio13: who uses the twitter account the most?”
- Me! :-)

“@Shadowssoclose: when visit Spain?! Kisses!”
- Next year!

“@_Hizashi: How do you keep your voice healthy through long tours?”
-Enough sleep & ginger root in hot tea..

5 MINUTES!! We’re almost at the end of the live Q&A, 5 minutes for the last burning questions! Bring it on!

“@prisonerofblood: Sharon, will you come back to Poland in next year?”
- Yes we will, announcing very soon!

“@moonlightscales @BeneluxWt: I made an edit for you, mixing you and Khaleesi, would you like to see it?”
- Yes

“@Eveleeuw: thought about some new Gem Kingdom jewelry?”
- Yes

“@CastleHeatfan: Please say that there is hope that y’all will tour in the South of The United States next year maybe???”
- We are definitely working on it, but we have a tight schedule and we’re trying to visit as many countries as we can..

“@anaa__dii: Will you visit Serbia sometime in the future?? I’d love to see you live”
- Who knows?! Smile

“@freakshotas: which meaning “Covered By Roses” have for you?”
- Carpe Diem, live the moment, don’t wait, remember the good things

“@debora_lola: Did you wish@StefanHelleblad a happy birthday today?”
- Of course!

“@DianaZhukova_RU: Boys help you 2 be more confident on stage?”
- We help each other, music should be fun

“@RhiannonTopping: will you do a full tour of England ever?”
- Sounds like a great idea!

“@BrendaSRivero: @Gonzalohume: In Argentina could be a great beginning for that duet wink
- Sorry would have been great, maybe one day

“@TheInsaneCorner: Will you guys tour the UK soon? Smile
- Bloodstock

“@KseniaPlashkova: What’s your fav outfit?Smile)”
- Mother earth dress

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November 24, 2014.

Greg Prato (Songfacts): You've duetted with a wide variety of singers over the years. Who would you say are some of your favorite singers that you've duetted with so far?

Sharon Den Adel: Every one that we asked was a signer that we admire for the music he is making or his voice or a combination of everything. That's how the songs that we have written become duets: if it's finished and then we're thinking, This song would probably be even better if there would be a combination of a duet.

And then we look at who we admire, like Keith Caputo or Howard Jones [on the songs "What Have You Done" and "Dangerous," respectively]. All the people that we've worked with so far, including the female vocalists, they've been chosen because we felt they could really do something extra to the song, and because we admired them musically. That's always been the way we have chosen our duet partners.

Songfacts: Are there any singers that you haven't duetted with yet that you'd like to duet with in the future?

Sharon: Oh, there are so many. There are so many good singers and so many talented people out there. But first you have to write the song and then you think about who you could write with, because it doesn't work the other way around for us.

For instance, I'm a big fan of Bob Marley, but even if he was alive, we'd never write a song similar to Marley. It's going to be very difficult to write that kind of song. That's what I mean. You first have to write the song and then you can think about who would sing on the song and who do you admire within that genre kind of music.

Songfacts: And who would you say are some of your favorite songwriters?

Sharon: Well, probably the bands that I listened to throughout my life. I'm a big fan of Tori Amos, but also, I grew up with ELO, which you can also hear the influences of now. Totally different. That was something from the '70s and I grew up with that.

And also the Eagles were a big influence when I was growing up. It's the music my parents listened to. Deep Purple. I have a lot of admiration for those bands which I grew up with, that kind of music.

Songfacts: Let's discuss a few Within Temptation songs, starting with "Whole World is Watching."

Sharon:Lyrical meaning, it's about setbacks. Sometimes when you finally get back from the setback in your life, the thing that has given you certain problems, you feel like everybody who was informed about the problem that you had - maybe it could be a physical problem or a disease or you've been struggling with a certain kind of thing - everybody who knows it is watching and mentally supporting you while you're reaching that moment that you stand up and you get over that problem.

That's a very positive feeling, a feeling of empowerment, like everybody is watching you while you're getting to this finish line. You finally ran that marathon and you finally reached the finish line. That's what the song is about. That's the feeling that we wanted to grasp. If you had something to battle for, something you've been working so hard for, it is the song when you come back and when you finally made that moment come true.

Songfacts: And then off the last album, The Unforgiving, what about the song "Faster"?

Sharon: "Faster" is about the fact that you have to stay in conflict to get what you want as an individual in life. When you're working with a company or in a relationship, when you're working with other people, you've got to set some boundaries for yourself which you won't cross because ethically it's not okay to go over that boundary for yourself. Because that's what you stand for, that's who you are, those are your values.

That's what the song is about: you can't live with lies. You just have to be who you are and what you stand for. And sometimes you're frustrated about it and you just want to fast forward away from the problem, but you also have to deal with the thing that's happening at that time in your life.

Songfacts: What about the song "What Have You Done?"

Sharon: It was for The Chronicles of Spellborn, which is a video game. We had a whole story of at least a thousand pages that we had to read about what the story's about, and one of the things was a relationship between two worlds and two people. And that's what "What Have You Done?" is based on.

Songfacts: And finally, let's discuss the latest album, Hydra.

Sharon: Well, in the past when we started writing music, we had a really clear vision of how we wanted to sound, and we had a strict regime, like, "Okay, it should be sounding like this and this and this." And somehow we thought also that we could only be inspired by similar bands, or we had to really focus on that. So the way of writing was totally different than how we did Hydra, because with The Heart of Everything, which is two albums back, we really felt like we had finalized a symphonic vision that we had of how we should sound as a band. We didn't think we could ever go over that, and we didn't want to repeat ourselves.

So we thought, Let's try a different way of songwriting. Have no boundaries at all, no strict regime of how we should sound. Let's let that go, because that was such a pressure for us: we had this barrier already before we started that we could only move within boundaries in a certain way.

And when that was gone, it just opened up so many new doors. In the end we still sounded like Within Temptation, but then more diverse. And I think it started already with The Unforgiving album, that we started writing from different perspectives and were inspired by different kinds of music. But in the end, when you finish an album you always have certain things that you never change.

We felt like, We'll write whatever we like and in the end we'll see what does come on the album and doesn't come on the album. I think coming from that perspective, it feels like you're a new band again, like a young band starting to write their first album. And then you have so much inspiration. That was the same kind of feeling, after so many years, after so many albums, that gives so much energy and so many new ideas. That's the way we're going to write for the future, as well.

And what happened was, when we started writing, we didn't have anything that it should sound like or any particular vision. Just, Write and we'll see in the end. And somehow we came closer to our roots than ever before. We never will be a band like Soulfly - very heavy or extremely manly - because I'm a woman and I don't grunt. [Laughs] So if you can let that go and still sing, it's the heaviest album we've ever written so far. And still very melodic.

It made us very happy, because we had fun and we have written an uptempo album, something that we had a lot of problems with in the past. We've had uptempo songs, but not as uptempo as this album and also still melodic, because that's something which is very difficult sometimes without getting a "too happy" kind of feel. Because if you're uptempo, sometimes you get to a certain border of songs which are cheesy, to our opinion. There's a very fine line of what you can do with uptempo songs in a heavy genre and still be melodic. It's a fine line, and we felt we were on the right side of that line, and we're really happy with this album.

And we found out that if we used a certain kind of tempo when we're writing a song, then we can speed it up later on. You can write a ballad in the beginning, but you can transpose it to a heavy song, because it has the right rhythm. Then it's easier to write songs. That happened on the song "Paradise" when I wrote it with Martijn [Spierenburg]. That was really awesome, that really helped us a lot.
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i WT sulla tv olandese...

seguite il link di DTMD...programma tv stile americano Make a Wish..esaudito il desiderio di incontrare i WT

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Intervista fatta a Sharon a metà aprile..poi spiegherò perchè la data è importante...
tra l altro..
At which festivals are you going to perform?
Oh, you can see that on the website. We’ve done Paaspop. There are 3 more coming in the Netherlands. The rest is all going to be abroad like in Germany, Bloodstock in England, we have one in Canada. I think we are working on one in Italy, but I’m not sure, so keep on checking the site!

old audience..mai visto tanto " pubblico pagante occasionale" come alll HMH seconda sera...
May 17, 2015adminComments Off
Sharon den Adel – Within Temptation

Interview by Michelle Henriquez & Steve Debets

Questions by Miriam C.

Recently, Femme Metal Webzine had the opportunity to interview the charming and talented Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation. Within Temptation is one of the first and biggest emerging symphonic bands in the late 90s and early 00s. They paved the way for later bands in this genre by becoming a huge success, both in the Netherlands and worldwide. Due to my schedule I wasn’t able to interview Sharon myself, but thankfully I have wonderful friends who have an immense passion for Within Temptation’s music that were able to fill in for me. So with thanks to Sanja Bankras, who suggested longtime fan Steven Debets to me, I present you this interview. In this intimate interview Sharon shares with us how she balances work and her family life, takes us back to the past, in her wardrobe and gives us details of the special shows in theaters.

Hi Sharon, first of all welcome back to Femme Metal Webzine! How are you?
I’m fine, thank you very much. It’s been a long time.

I can imagine that you were very tired after the Hydra world tour, how do you recover from such an effort?
We had a few weeks off – so we ended in South America last year, and this year we started of course with the theater tour, which is a new page in the history of the Hydra tour. It is also the final phase of this tour; after this we will do the festivals and afterwards we will be working on a new album again.

I was personally wondering, how do you recover after a world tour, especially considering the big effort you put in it?
Mainly taking some time off, being with family and doing normal stuff instead of playing and trying to be onstage and interacting with the audience, which is quite intense. Especially during the South American tour, we were on an airplane every day. Mainly, the waiting parts before you go onstage or get on the plane are the things that really wear you off. But, I must say, a few weeks off with family and friends, to have a normal Christmas.

Day to day life. . .
Yes! Day to day life brings you back, gives you the energy back in order to do everything you need to do.

Ok, that’s cool and now you are full of energy.
Yeah, we are almost done with this tour. We only have a few shows left and then we’re off to the festivals. Festival season has already started. We already had one festival and we also had to do a show in Ukraine last week, because we postponed it. So those things also come in between. We’re also writing new stuff already.

At which festivals are you going to perform?
Oh, you can see that on the website. We’ve done Paaspop. There are 3 more coming in the Netherlands. The rest is all going to be abroad like in Germany, Bloodstock in England, we have one in Canada. I think we are working on one in Italy, but I’m not sure, so keep on checking the site!

Let me get started by asking you, one year after “Hydra”‘s release, how has the reaction been from the fans and, most importantly, from the media? In hindsight, does the album live up to your expectations? Is there something you would you like to change?
The media really received it very well. The sound goes back to past influences we’ve had on the first few albums, which is a more up-tempo and heavy sound. It’s a combination of old and new stuff and I think that it was received very well. I’m very happy with how it was received. For the radio it’s another story, because it’s quite difficult to be on the radio when you have a heavier album. But we are very pleased. We did a very big tour and the venues were better, so it was a step up for ourselves.

Did they live up to your own expectations?
Yes, most definitely! I think for us it was a pleasant surprise that all the fans reacted so well, also the media, because there weren’t any real single on the album. It was meant mainly for a heavier audience and then to have so many people come to your concerts, even more than before… you know? The fact that the numbers didn’t decline, sometimes that happens. But yes, we’re happy to still be continuing as a band. Yay! (laughs) Next year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our band.

You mentioned reaching a higher level with every album. Do you have any learning points from “Hydra” that you are going to take to your next album?
Good question. Well maybe start earlier with the tours and announcing them, because people need time to buy the tickets and plan those kind of things. We were a bit late with that. Also, we can visit more countries that we didn’t play at. Another thing is planning a better route. Certain countries such as Sweden and Norway we haven’t visited this year for the first time. I really missed it, because there is an audience, but because of how they planned the travelling from city to city, it didn’t fit in the schedule. But we should have played at those countries, because you shouldn’t neglect your audience.

“Hydra” marks a new era for the band: the band self-released it, by licensing the album to some different labels around the world (Victor for Japan, Nuclear Blast for the USA and BMG Rights for the EU). How did you feel, for the first time, to be directly managing this side of the business?
Well, we’ve always been enforced with that. But this time we did everything ourselves. We just got a budget to do everything like “How many videos do you want to do?, How much will they cost?, Who do you want to work with?”. And also hiring people ourselves like “Ok, we want you to work for us, we want this guy for the videos, We want this speaker for the radio”.

Maximum control
Maximum control is the best you can have! But you take a lot of responsibility on your own, because you have to do way more than before. Sometimes it eats away time to write new songs. But in the past we always were in control for what we wanted to do. It was sometimes a debate how many videos we could make and how much it should cost or not. And where to put your money into promoting yourself like on the Internet – sometimes we have a disagreement on how to do that. Sometimes we get offers like to use our music in a TV-commercial, but you have to pay way too much for that. The money can be used in so many ways for better promotion.

You are at the top of the management also. It costs a lot of time and it can become challenging when you have three kids.
Four actually.

Four, now! I can imagine managing work-life becomes challenging. How are you giving enough attention to that part of your life?
Well, my partner used to be in the band. He used to be the guitar-player and nowadays he is still behind the scenes in full control of everything together with me. But he also takes care of the kids, so that’s why he stepped away from the limelight. He could be at home and be the stable factor and in assistance to the kids.

Well, if that works.
Yes, it works perfectly!

It gives stability to the kids.
Yes, it does. And it also gives me a lot of peace to know that he is taking care of them, not my parents. That can be very straining. It’s my family and it’s my responsibility. That what it comes down to, basically.

Ok, yes, so energy can go to the creative place this way.
Yes, exactly!

Recently you have released your double Blu-ray called “Let Us Burn”. One in Antwerp and one in Amsterdam?
Yes, one at HMH (Heineken Music Hall) and one at – the big one (Sportpaleis) in Antwerp.

Can you share some personal memories of those two performances and the differences between the two performances?
One of them was a 15th years anniversary concert, even though we’ve existed longer, about 16 – 17 years, but officially 15 years (laughs). Anyway, it was great! We had all old-guitar players onstage, old drummer – old band members in general. We had a lot of fireworks and a lot of extreme things like people on stealth and stuff like that. So that was pretty amazing. We took a lot of things we didn’t do in past shows and put them in this show (in Antwerp). We also did some covers – this may had seemed very strange, because we had a lot of our own songs to choose from already. But we were doing a project with Qmusic, which was promoting that event as well. And they wanted us to play some covers. We did them also because we liked it, it was the project we were into so it was nice to bring that energy on stage as well. With HMH it was a different kind of show, more traditional. There were other people, so it was not that intimate.

But HMH has a cozy feeling.
Sometimes it has. It depends if the band on stage can create a good atmosphere and get all the people together to do stuff. But we did that two times, and that was also very special. Also because together it was 10.000 people and yeah – it’s a huge crowd that comes to see us in our own country.

Old audience. . .
Yeah, so it was very special to end in our own country, in Amsterdam.

o we’re at the end Sharon, I hope you enjoyed my questions. Do you have a greeting for your fans and for Femme Metal Webzine. Thanks to you again!
Yes, I have! You had really good questions! And I hope to come really soon to Italy and there might be a festival coming up. Keep in tune and hopefully we’ll see each other soon again! Wherever that might be (laughs).

inizio aprile...quando la possibilità di una data da noi nel 2015 era alle stelle...diciamo al 35%...poi è saltato tutto ...ora-in questi giorni hanno ricevuto un paio d siamo oltre la logica...DEVONO avere un 3 mesi per fare prevendita...

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